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My name is Laurence. I am the founder of Aloha Aid.

I'm a big fan of Hawai'i and Hawaiian themed products, just like you. I'm also someone that suffers from paper cuts and small scratches. 

There's no avoiding it. Whether I'm going for a hike, getting scratches on my legs from branches or scraping my feet on the reef while out surfing, I always somehow manage to get small cuts and need to cover them up. But bandages, either come in a plain beige color or cartoonish designs for kids.

So I decided to look for another option to help cover my wounds. I wanted to create something that will offer great protection so I can enjoy being outdoors while at the same time representing the beauty of Hawai'i. 

That's when Aloha Aid was born. 

I created a functional and affordable bandage that provides an eye-pleasing alternative to the boring beige bandages. Every detail and design feature was mindfully selected to represent Hawai'i and to provide ultimate wound protection. I want Aloha Aid to be the go to option.

Now I'm here to share Aloha Aid with the world.