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3 Benefits of Aloha Aid Bandages

even bandages love soaking up the sun!


3 Benefits of Aloha Aid Bandages
1) It's SIMPLE. Bandages provide a quick and easy way to cover wounds. Keeping a wound covered until it heals can prevent a scab from forming, which reduces the chances of scarring. The less scars the better right?
2) It's STERILE. Bandages provide a moist and clean environment which allows our skin to return back to its original state. This moist environment acts as a protective layer which helps to keep air out, reduces the likelihood of scarring and is crucial in allowing the migration and growth of new skin cells. 
3) It PROTECTS. By providing an extra layer of protection, bandages help prevent exposure to all the elements such as water, dirt and germs. It also adds some cushioning and gives you some peace of mind knowing you have some extra protection from re-injury until your wound is healed. 

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