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It was just an idea...

When Aloha Aid was just an idea, I had no clue which direction or where a simple bandage could take me. It's been a few years in the making, going through various prints & designs, only to design more prints & designs, creating samples to test various adhesive strengths all while trying to learn a little about business on the fly. With each hour spent, the product would get better, the ideas would get bigger and Aloha Aid would inch closer to becoming something real. 

I'm proud to have the finished product made and hope you enjoy the simple pleasure of having an eye-catching Hawaiian print bandage that will keep your cuts covered so you can go on with your day. Aloha Aid is a company  that was born from the idea that we can turn simple ordinary products such as a bandage, into something that can make a big difference in Hawai'i. 

Together we can share the power of bandages.

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