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Cheap Gifts From Hawaii

Traveling to the Hawaiian islands and experiencing what is the beauty of Hawai'i can be a life changing experience. What better way to share that experience with friends and family by bringing back souvenir gifts for them. A souvenir gift from Hawai'i, is a one of a kind item that is completely unique to Hawaii. It's also something that can provide an enjoyable experience to your friend or family member. Here are some cheap budget friendly gift ideas from Hawaii under $5. 

1) Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts ($2.99-$4.99)

You simply can't go wrong gifting your friends and family with chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Some people say that the way to someones heart is through their stomach and chocolate covered macadamia nuts are the perfect match that will be sure to win anyone over. 

2) Souvenir Keychains ($1.99-$4.99)

Nothing allows you to remember the experience of your vacation quite like a souvenir keychain from Hawai'i. Each time you use your keys, you can remind yourself of those precious days sipping maitai's on beach gazing out at the horizon watching the sunset. Sure, some people may say keychains are a cheesy gift, but we all need something to keep our keys together.

3) Hawaii Crack Seed ($.99-$4.99) 

Crack seed is an extremely popular local snack here in Hawai'i and comes it a variety of different sizes and flavors. For the locals of Hawai'i, crack seed is something that you grew up with and it's one of those snacks that instantly takes you back to your childhood. Consisting of various dried, dehydrated & preserved fruits, these small items hold a special place in the locals hearts. 

4) Postcards ($.79-$4.99)

When is the last time you received a handwritten postcard in the mail? If you're like the majority, postcards have been replaced by email or text messages. A handwritten postcard means someone took precious time out of their day to sit down and write a meaningful message. That can really brighten someones day. Whether you send out a beautiful picturesque picture featuring Hawaii's beautiful white sand beaches and a loving note to someone special while you're on vacation in Hawai'i or you buy postcards for later, there's somebody in our lives that will appreciate a handwritten postcard. 

5) Aloha Aid Hawaiian Print Bandages ($4.79)

From time to time, we all get small little scratches and cuts. Its unavoidable and the best thing to prevent any infection from setting in, is to cover up with a bandage. Aloha Aid's Hawaiian print bandages provide an excellent alternative to the traditional beige bandage while helping your wound heal and stay protected. Its a perfect gift for anyone no matter what age, and it will surely be a conversation starter to anyone that sees one on you.

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